BeatBuddy Mini Singular Sound Drum Machine Pedal

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BeatBuddy Mini Singular Sound Drum Machine Pedal

The Beat Buddy Mini is a drum machine in a pedal that you can start a song with, change from verse to chorus, insert a drum fill and end a song all with your foot as you jam on the guitar, sing, play keys etc.

With the BeatBuddy, you can add beats over any electric intrument. You can add fills, add a transition from verse to chorus, add accents, add drum breaks,and more. It is perfect for a solo live instrumentalist. It's ideal for practicing if you would want to practice with a beat behind you. You can use it as a backup for a drummer if your drummer can't make a practice or cant make a show. It can work for many other things as well. It's a very wise investment.

BeatBuddy Mini Singular Sound Drum Machine Pedal Features

Sound Quality: High quality 16-bit sound
Audio channels: Mono
LCD Screen: Monochrome
Visual Metronome: LEDs
Included songs: 100

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