Beginning Country Bluegrass Fiddle

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Beginning Country Bluegrass Fiddle DVD 7035 at DC Music. Thank you for your interest in the Beginning Country Bluegrass Fiddle DVD 7035. Beginning Country Bluegrass Fiddle DVD 7035 with Dan Huckabee. If any instrument needs a video lesson, it's the fiddle! Although it's a lot of fun, the fiddle is more difficult in the beginning than any other instrument. This lesson is designed to start you off on the right foot, with hints that will make your progress fast and painless! (80-minute dvd). Includes: Holding the fiddle and bow, detailed technique for both hands proper form, tuning hints, double stops, beginning shuffle, scales, exercises, and much more. Solos Taught: Boil them Cabbage Down and Cotton Eyed Joe. Beginning level, 80-minute video. 7035. Thank you for your interest in DC Music. With a friendly sales staff we'll do our best to provide you excellent service along with the lowest price. Feel free to contact us with any other information you might need. DC Music is the musician's store and staffed with musicians who want to help you find the right equipment for your needs.

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