Beginning Guitar Volume 1 DVD

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Beginning Guitar Volume 1 DVD 320326

The Beginning Guitar Volume 1 DVD 320326 is a concise and highly effective DVD that will explain you the fundamental basics and help you take the most important step in learning how to play guitar. The DVD features such points as tuning the instrument, getting a good tone from the amplifier you're using, holding a pick, open chords, the positioning of your left and right hand, power chords for some good ole rocking, a variety of strumming patterns, string muting, as well as the advanced concept of guitar soloing. Some of the covered musical genres include rock, country, blues, and more. The item clocks in at 44 minutes, and also includes a jam session with a live band, and a detailed booklet to help you understand the goods. This is an info-packed DVD that will instantly present you with the juicy goods and save you countless hours of searching the web and sifting through poor quality content. If you need additional info regarding this product, feel free to come down to the store or drop us a line through the internet.

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