Behringer TU300 pedal

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Behringer TU300 at DC Music.

The Behringer TU 300 is a versatile tuning pedal that sports a set of seven different tuning modes, including Regular, Chromatic, Flat, Double Flat, and more. The TU 300 features a seven-segment LED and an 11-point Stream Meter for very accurate tuning. Also included in the mix is a mute and bypass function for silent operation, along with a blue status LED for effect on/off and battery checks, and a high-end electronic on-off switch. The device runs on 9 V battery or via the Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply, which is not included in the price.

What we have here is a very durable, sturdy, strong and reliable item - treat it right and it will serve you right in many years to come. The price is fair, the quality is nothing short of top-notch - what more can a music aficionado ask for? As always, you can buy this product at the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store. Make sure to check out the brief list of Behringer TU 300 specs, features and details in the rundown below.


* Gives you 7 different tuning modes including Regular, Flat, Double Flat and Chromatic mode
* This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head-to-head with leading products on the market*
* Precise 7-segment LED and 11-point Stream Meter guarantee accurate tuning
* Reference tone adjustable from 438 Hz to 447 Hz
* Mute/bypass function for silent tuning
* Blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check
* Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)
* First-class electronic On/Off switch for highest signal integrity in bypass mode
* High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
* Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

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