BenQ SP920P

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BenQ SP920P.

The BenQ SP920P coming with 6000 ANSI lumens, 2000:1 high contrast ratio, and exclusive color display technologies. The high brightness projector not only bringsd back the light in your meeting rooms but also the clearest pictures. It doesn't matter where you are - whether it's a company, classroom, or conference hall - the BenQ SP920P high brightness projectors will always give you the best clarity under the brightest lights! So, take advantage! Stay in control and enjoy perfect presentations and the best interactions with your audience!

The BenQ SP920P adopts a unique positioning of the lamps which alters the angles of light emission to generate an ultra brightness of 6000 lumens. This trademark lamp design of BenQ not only enables the SP920P to project the brightest light but also helps increase the efficiency of the lamps. So you can enjoy the best projection while benefiting from energy conservation

There are three projection modes to the SP920P. The high brightness mode projects the brightest image even in an auditorium. The economy mode slightly reduces the projection brightness in order to decrease the wear on projector lamps which in turn ensures an interruption-free projection. The single lamp mode further minimizes the replacement of projector lamps.

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