Best of Blink 182 Bass Songbook

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Best of Blink 182 Bass Songbook 690549 from Hal Leonard Publications

The Best of Blink 182 Bass Songbook 690549 is a high quality Hal Leonard publication that explains in great detail everything you wanted to know on how to play Blink 182 on bass guitar. The book features accurate transcriptions of some of the band's biggest hits, all while analyzing the technique and overall musical approach of Mr. Mark Hoppus. A set of 16 songs includes everything from basic explanations to melodies and vocal lines. If you want to master punk rock in general, this is a solid starting point. Some of the tunes featured in the book include "What's My Age Again?", "Stay Together For The Kids," "All the Small Things," "Don't Leave Me," and many more. You can find the full track list in the paragraph below, feel free to drop us a line or come down to DC Music Store if you need additional details and info.

Song list

* Adam's Song
* Aliens Exist
* All The Small Things
* Anthem Part II
* Dammit
* Don't Leave Me
* Dumpweed
* Enthused
* First Date
* Man Overboard
* Mutt
* Online Songs
* Pathetic
* Stay Together For The Kids
* The Rock Show
* What's My Age Again?

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