Bill Lawrence T1

Product image 1Bill Lawrence T1 guitar pickup
Product image 2Bill Lawrence T1

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Bill Lawrence T1 guitar pickup

Checkout the Bill Lawrence T1 guitar pickup for tele single coil pickup telecaster style. It comes with a five year warranty. An awesome Black label Vintage single coil look with pole pieces. This T1 guitar pickup is designed for the Neck position. This is the same pickup we made for Roy Buchanan.manufactured in sunny California United States USA with a five year warranty.

If your searching for a warm pickup to bring out the true fullness of your telecaster style guitar you've found your pickup. This is designed for that true vintage feelyou've longed for. Trust the Bill Lawrenece Company for their outstanding reputation and fine pickup construction for many decades. They've built a rock solid repuation in the music industry putting out top notch pickups and their customer service is fantatsic. DC Music Store is your outlet for their products as well as about anything else musically you'll need to get your music mocing and a grooving.

The Bill Lawrence T1 guitar pickup tele at DC Music Store. Let us be your one stop for all your musical equipment needs. Mfg. note: Trademark Disclaimer: These products are the Original Bill Lawrence pickups made and endorsed by the founder of the 1965 Bill Lawrence guitar pickup company, Jzchak Wajcman. He is also the sole legal owner of the trademark "Bill Lawrence" for use on musical products and the exclusive source for manufacturing of all Bill Lawrence products. Jzchak Wajcman D.B.A. Bill Lawrence USA is not associated with the designer Bill Lawrence since 1984.

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