Bob Seger Guitar Collection

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Bob Seger Guitar Collection 690604

The Bob Seger Guitar Collection 690604 is the ultimate guide on how to learn to play Bob Seger songs on guitar. This Hal Leonard release features a total of 20 hit tracks transcribed in standard musical notation as well as in guitar tabs. This book also includes some awesome full color pictures of Bob Seger too, making it a great product for any classic rock guitarist and enthusiast.

Some of the all-time classics included in this release are "Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight," "Feel Like A Number," "Rock And Roll Never Forgets," and many more. We're talking juicy goods only with zero filler stuff. If you need additional info regarding this book, don't hesitate to drop us a line through the web or come down to DC Music Store, we're always glad to help/ You can check out the list of covered tracks in the segment below.

Song list:

• Against The Wind
• Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight
• Even Now
• Feel Like A Number
• Fortunate Son
• Get Out Of Denver
• Her Strut
• Hollywood Nights
• Katmandu
• Like A Rock
• Mainstreet
• Night Moves
• Old Time Rock & Roll
• Rock And Roll Never Forgets
• Still The Same
• Sunspot Baby
• The Fire Down Below
• The Horizontal Bop
• Turn The Page
• You'll Accomp'ny Me

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