Brazil guitar atlas

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Brazil Guitar Atlas Book at DC Music Store. Thank you for your interest in the Brazil Guitar Atlas Book written by Bill Newman. Bill takes you through various Brazilian genres such as the Tango, Samba and Bossa Nova giving you clear ideas of these guitar styles. This Guitar Atlas is specifically written for the style of music played in Brazil. Brazilian music is terrific and with Bill Newman's book you can get a great insight on how to play these styles of music.

Included are chord patterns and techniques found in each genre of music in Tangos, Sambas and Bossa Novas. A CD is included for audio examples of the points Bill explains which are written in both the notation as well as tablature. With Guitar TAB you will clearly see where it is on the fretboard and reading music is not required to enjoy this title.

View many more of our technique and songbooks while you are here along with all the accessories and equipment you need to make the music you love and save at DC Music Store.

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