Casio AC Adapter AD-12

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Casio AC Adapter AD12:
     Extend your battery life by using this optional AC adapter while you're at home or near and electrical outlet.

Compatible with:

  • PX-100
  • PX-110
  • PX-120
  • PX-200
  • PX-300
  • PX-310
  • PX-320
  • PX-400R
  • PX-500L
  • PX-555R
  • PX-575CS
  • CTK-711EX
  • CTK-811EX
  • WK-1250
  • WK-1300
  • WK-1350
  • WK-1600
  • WK-1630
  • WK-1800
  • WK-3000
  • WK-3200
  • WK-3300
  • WK-3500
  • WK-3700
  • WK-3800
  • WK-8000
  • Output Amps: 1.5A
  • Output Voltage: 12V

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