CBI Speakon Speaker Cable

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CBI Speakon Speaker Cable. Made in the USA, this speakon cable features a 14 gauge heavy duty cable with speakon ends on both. This is a touring quality speaker cable available in several lengths such as 10, 20, 25, 30 or 50 foot. For the musician or sound reinforcement engineer in need of the highest quality sound, use this CBI branded cable. Soldered for maximum durability for recording, live audio and Installation Wiring markets. Model number SNN162.

Speakon Cable from CBI SNN162 made in the USA. Choose the length you desire and save at DC Music Store. We carry the full range of sound equipment items including mixers, speakers, processors and more as well as accessories and other cable types such as instrument, MIDI, banana, 1/4" and more.

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