Clarinet Rico Plasticover Reeds

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Clarinet Rico Plasticover Reeds at DC Music Store. These Plasticover Reeds are a reed for the Clarinet made of plastic that lasts longer than the typical reed made of Cane. Rico is the industry's leader in reed making and is owned and distributed by the D'Addario family of products. Many players love them and order them over and over again. The Plasticover Reeds are available for several wind instruments and are available in standard strengths. Use Plasticover Reeds for a nice clear tone with clarity that will astound you.

Plasticover Reeds come in a pack of five for the Bb Clarinet with this item. Choose your reed strength from Two, Two and a half, Three or Three and a Half. Since this reed of plastic resists moisture it is great for extended use, outdoor applications and many other situations.

Rico Plasticover Reed Strengths:

2, 2 1/2, 3 3 1/2

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