Coda DP-420 6/8 Mini Timbales

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Coda DP-420 6/8 Mini Timbales come with metal shells and have an attractive chrome finish. It includes a black cowbell manufactured with heavy duty steel. It has single brace stand that is easily adjustable for height. The stand's feet have rubber tips that allow the Mini Timbales to not slide while playing the DP-420. Coda is a brand that makes great quality timbales but also many other musical products. Their Latin flavored drums stand out above the competition in features and price point.

CODA Mini Timbales feature metal shells with chrome finishes, a black cowbell made from premium steel, and an adjustable single-braced stand with sturdy rubber feet. The DP-420 Mini Timbales come with a 6" and an 8" drum with Coda Stand included. The sound is loud and will cut through and be heard and appreciated in the mix.

• 6" & 8" Metal Shells
• Adjustable Single-Braced Stand
• 4" Premium Steel Cowbell
• Max. Stand Height: 38"
• Includes Timbale Sticks
• Depth: 4-1/4"

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