Complete Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar

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Complete Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar

The Complete Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar is your ultimate guide to the playing and musical style of late great Johnny Smith, the master of cool jazz guitar. The guide features the man himself, offering his full system of chord analysis, practical theory application, and arpeggio studies. Pros agree that this is one of the most useful Hal Leonard releases within the jazz domain. It features lessons on two-octave scales, alterations of chords, 6th chord forms, resolution exercises, upper extensions from 9th to 13th chords, scales and arpeggios, suspended fourth chords, alterations of upper extended chords, voicing major and minor chords with a 4th step melody, and much more.

The item is incredibly concise and highly effective, meaning that it will save you many hours of performing those endless web searches and filtering out useful stuff from the sea of poor quality content on the web. In case you require additional info and details regarding this product, don't hesitate to contact us over the web or come down to DC Music Store.

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