Conquest Passive Direct Box EDB-2

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Conquest Passive Direct Box EDB2 at DC Music Store. This is a passive direct box that is built into a rugged, heavy duty steel casing. The EDB2 from Conquest features a grpund lift switch which can help you when you're in situations with a 60 cycle hum or improper grounding of electric at a venue. This direct box also features an input with a parallel output which is good for directing another copy of the input signal elsewhere and an attenuator that can set the sound at )db no chane or -20 or -40 db which can bring down the input level of a very strong signal.

The EDB2 has a five year warranty from Conquest. The direct box has a useable frequency response of twent five hertz to twenty thousand hertz.


5 year warranty, heavy duty enclosure
Customer design transformer with ground left switch
Input impedance aprox 50k ohms, maximum input level +8db at 20hx.
Output level @ 0db in: 17db* Frequency respone 25hz - 20khtz = - 3db *0db-.885v

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