Country solos for guitar book and CD 695448

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Country solos for guitar book and CD 695448

The Country solos for guitar book and CD 695448 is a nifty and concise learning tool that will give you all the answers to questions on how to learn to play country solos on guitar. This Hal Leonard publication comes as a CD + Book bundle, meaning you'll get detailed explanations backed up with samples of how things written down in the book should sound like when played. The book comes with a total length of 80 pages, along with a standardized size of 9 x 12 inches. It will teach you the general guidelines of country soloing, along with specific lessons on how to sound like such country guitar masters as Chet Atkins, Albert Lee, James Burton, Roy Nichols, Ray Flacke, and many more.

The product covers such techniques as hot banjo rolls, pedal-steel licks, funky double stops, open-string licks and much more, presenting 100 percent accurate standard notation and tabs with phrase-by-phrase performance notes. If you require additional info regarding this item, feel free to come down to the store or contact us through the web, we're always glad to help.

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