D-Vinyl PAD Compact Controller

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D-Vinyl PAD Compact Controller at DC Music. Thank you for your interest in the D-Vinyl PAD Compact Controller. The Hardware. D-Vinyl PAD TM is a cool new portable touch pad ideal for DJ's who want the feel of scratching and the advantage of MP3 manipulation without the cost associated with a professional system. The D-Vinyl PAD is connected to your PC by USB without any other necessary equipment like a mixer or turntable. The S/W of D-Vinyl PAD TM is very innovative and highly advanced based upon the S/W of D-Vinyl2020 TM but it has more applications in S/W with an Internal Virtual Mixer as well as Scratch and Effect Pad Functions. The D-Vinyl PAD TM is simply a controller which operate the D-Vinyl PAD TM software without the need for expensive turntables or mixers. This unit works directly with your PC and helps you manipulate MP3 files just like a professional using the D-Vinyl 2020. Scratching, Mixer functions like volume slides, cross fades and Effects are all controlled by the D-Vinyl PAD TM. http://www.tracertek.com/30_312_sw_main_01.jpg The Software. The D-Vinyl PAD software includes an MP3 Editor, Dual MP3 Mixer and Player and a Playlist editor that can help you deliver professional results at a fraction of the cost of pricier solutions. System Requirements. OS Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP CPU Pentium III 550 MHz or higher (Recommended Pentium III 866 MHz or higher). RAM 128 Mb or higher HDD 30 MB for install S/W, additional space for MP3 store. USB More than one port. Highly recommended Intel and VIA USB Host Controller Sound Card More than 2IN/4OUT support soundcard to make the two stereo channel out, or one stereo master and stereo monitor out. 2IN/2OUT support soundcard to make the two mono channel out, or one stereo master out. Graphic Card 1024 X 768 or better resolution. DirectX DirectX 8.1 or higher

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The D-Vinyl PAD Compact Controller

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