Dave Matthews band Guitar Legendary Licks 1994-2001

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Dave Matthews Band Guitar Legendary Licks 1994-2001

The Dave Matthews band Guitar Legendary Licks 1994-2001 is your No. 1 tool to learn for to play Dave Matthews Band songs fast and efficiently. This Hal Leonard release focuses on the iconic US band's 1994 - 2001 era, offering detailed transcriptions of such classic tunes as "The Best Of What's Around," "The Space Between," "What Would You Say," and more. Also included in the mix is an accompanying CD with slowed-down versions of the songs, allowing you to truly delve into the boys' music and thoroughly master it.

The pack features a total of 12 DMB tunes, with 100 percent accurate notation and tabs. It's just the meaty goods with zero filler, meaning that the book will save you many hours of sifting through the web and all the low quality content that's out there. If you need additional info, feel free to contact us or come down to the store. Finally, you can find the full list of songs in the section below.

Song List:

* Ants Marching
* Crash Into Me
* Crush
* Don't Drink The Water
* I Did It
* Satellite
* So Much To Say
* Stay (Wasting Time)
* The Best Of What's Around
* The Space Between
* Too Much
* What Would You Say

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