Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth Electric Guitar

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Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth Electric Guitar

The Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth is one ripping electric guitar, a signature model of none-other than Megadeth guitarist, vocalist and mastermind Dave Mustaine. Obviously, the Angel of Deth screams metal from the bottom of its soul and is a crucial ingredient in acquiring a tone similar to the original. Speaking of which, the tone on this Dean guitar is shrieking, ripping, and packed with so much punch that glass might start exploding around you while playing.

The Dave Mustaine signature Dean features a mahogany body, top-quality ebony fingerboard attached to a 25.5-inch scale Dave Mustaine Special mahogany neck with pearl shark tooth inlays. Also included in the mix is a TonePros bridge, a set of Grover tuners, some sleek black hardware, and a set of mean Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire pickups to deliver the goods. Dave himself pointed out that this guitar just might have the best neck he had ever played on, and that's saying something. If Megadeth and metal in general are your thing, this is the investment you should make. To sweeten the deal, the guitar comes with a killer-looking Angel of Deth graphic and a classy finish, as well as an included case. The metal awaits, get this guitar at the lowest price right here at DC Music Store.

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth Electric Guitar Features:
Mahogany Top/Body
25.5" scale Dave Mustaine Special Mahogany "D-Shaped" Neck
Ebony Fingerboard
Pearl Sharks Tooth Inlay
Grover Tuners
Black Hardware
TonePros Bridge
Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire Pickups
Case included
Angel of Deth custom graphic

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