Dean Evo XM Electric Guitar

Product image 1Dean Evo XM Electric Guitar
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Dean Evo XM Electric Guitar

The Dean EVO XM is a perfect choice for beginner rocker guitarists. The Evo XM comes with a highly affordable price tag and offers all the features and sound aspects a young rock and metal player might need - it's fast, strong, good-looking, and budget-friendly at the same time. It just might happen to be the guitar you've learned your first licks, riffs and solos on, and that's the type of memories that never goes away.

The Dean EVO XM features a basswood body, a thin, comfortable and very playable bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard to get those fingers running up and down. In the electronic department, we have a set of dual humbuckers to deliver the monster jam, perfectly suited for brining out the crunchy aspects of rock riffing and frantic metal soloing. Add a set of sealed tuners to the mix, along with all the standard certificates and quality guarantees of Dean's high-end products, and you've got yourself a heck of a deal. The price is a true bargain for a product that features everything you might need to get introduced into the realm of guitar-heavy music. Make sure to check out the list of specs and features below.


Basswood body

Bolt-on maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Dual humbuckers
Sealed tuners

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