DigiTech Trio+ Plus Pedal Band Creator and Looper

Product image 1DigiTech Trio+ Plus Pedal Band Creator and Looper
Product image 2DigiTech Trio+ Plus Pedal Band Creator and Looper

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DigiTech Trio+ Plus Pedal Band Creator and Looper:


     Meet your new backup band! The Trio generated a lot of excitement when Digitech released it but the Trio + Plus pedal is simply starting a revolution! This Digitech pedal is a band creator essentially. You get bass and drums in this handy little box. Best thing is you have control over them, and they won't show up late for band practice and gigs! You start wailing on the guitar and this pedal gives you your backup band. Practice with it and become a better guitar player or even use this live at gigs. There are twelve different genres to choose from and twelve styles within those genres. You pick something close to what you're going after. Then you can decide on a tempo and then adjust the volume on the bass player and drummer. Imagine that! You get total control over their volume. Try that at your next gig with live players.

     Use an CD Card for expansion on the DigiTech's Trio + plus pedal. You get six parts that you can loop and sequence. The power supply is also included unlike other comparing brands who don't include those.

     One of the coolest things is that it's so easy to use. You start playing and the pedal listens to you (seriously) and figures a part that would work along with that. It hears your chords and changes and takes those into consideration when coming up with hose parts. The more you play, the closer and closer the pedal gets to the perfect backup band for you. Another awesome feature is that on the bass part you can select between three different modes. So if you want the bassist to play something basic or busy you're covered. Imagine that, even telling the bass player how to play.

     With the Tri + plus you can dive in even deeper yet. You can loop and create custom sequences while you play. There is no limit to the overdubs you can do. Even use Digitech's built in effects in the pedal and connect that with the effects send and return jacks with other units.

     Witht he Trio+ Digitech gives you twelve genres of music to select from which includes styles of Blues, R&B, Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Pop, Electronic Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Folk, Latin, and Jazz. With those genres are twleve variations also. You even can choose between 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures. Multi-colored LEDs around the TRIO+'s Style encoder indicate which styles best match your song.

     When your using the Trio it will learn as many as five different parts of your song. For instance, you can have a part for the intro, verse, chorus, bridge and ending or whatever you'd like of course. This makes your songs so sound so much better than one part all the way through. This gives your songs real life feel.

     Connect an optional DigiTech FS3X pedal to use the Trio + hands free. Choose from three different ways to operate the FS3X (not included) also.

     You can store as many as 12 of your songs along with loops to your Trio Plus Pedal. Now you may want to store even more songs. That's not an issue. Just get a sd card and store more. You can use the free Librarian Manager software from digitech.com, available for Windows® and Mac®.

     The TRIO+ offers independent Tempo, Genre, Style, Loop Level, Bass Level, Drums Level, Headphone Output Level controls; Guitar, FX Return and Control Inputs;Amplifier, Mixer, FX Send and Headphone Outputs; Built-in Guitar Effects (relative to music genre); a Soft Click Footswitch and includes a 9V DC adapter.

Digitech Trio + Plus Pedal Features:

  • 12 Music Genres To Choose From
  • 12 Styles Selectable Per Genre
  • Can Learn Up To 5 Different Parts Per Song
  • Programmable Song Part Intensities For Creating Song Dynamics
  • Programmable Song Part Sequencer
  • 3 Bass Line Modes
  • Built-in Looper With Unlimited Overdubs
  • Adjustable Tempo With Audiolastic Time Stretching & Quick Selection Of Alternate Time Interpretation
  • Independently Adjustable Level Controls For Bass, Drums, & Loops
  • Built-In Guitar Effects Designed For Each Genre
  • Amp & Mixer Outputs
  • FX Loop For Connecting External Effect Pedals
  • 1/8" (3.5 mm) Mini Headphone Output With Headphone Level Control
  • Up To 12 Songs With Loops Can Be Stored To A Micro SD Card (Included)
  • Additional Hands-Free Control Available Using An Optional DigiTech FS3X Foot switch
  • Dual Soft Touch Vacuum Switches
  • Rugged Design
  • Included Power Adapter
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