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Disney movie hits songbook instrumental folio solos

The Disney movie hits songbook instrumental folio solos is a book series encompassing some of the biggest Disney classics with detailed guides on how to play them on a variety of musical instruments. Specifically, this Hal Leonard publication is available flute, clarinet and alto sax. Solo instrumentalists can now play along with a wide array of favorite tunes from Disney blockbusters such as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Monsters, Inc, Toy Story 2 and many more.

Some of the specific tracks featured in this release include "A Whole New World," "God Help the Outcasts," "If I Didn't Have You," and more. The product is packed with just useful content and zero filler from the very first page, meaning that it will save you a lot of time you would otherwise waste on performing countless web searches and sifting through heaps of poor quality content on the web. You can find the list of featured songs in the rundown below, feel free to contact us through the net or come down to the store if you need additional info and details regarding this item.

Song list:

* A Whole New World
* Beauty And The Beast
* Belle
* Circle Of Life
* Cruella De Vil
* Go The Distance
* God Help The Outcasts
* Hakuna Matata
* If I Didn't Have You
* Kiss The Girl
* Prince Ali
* When She Loved Me

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