Don't Fret Position Indicator for Violin and Viola

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Don't Fret Position Indicator for Violin and Viola. The "Don't Fret fret marker is Item # DFV 110". Violins and Violas don't have frets on the fingerboard and for a beginner it's hard for them to know where to place their fingers. The "Don't Fret" Fret Position plastic overlay lays over the fingerboard of the violin/viola neck so that a beginner will see where to place their fingers. It simply clings on and is easy to remove as it is to put on. It doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be a permanent install. After use the violinist will be able to take the training wheels off and play without the aid of this device if they like.

The Don't Fret for Violins and Violas doesn't use any tape whatsoever and does not damage your instrument. It is not a permanent piece and comes off quickly and easily. It's best if you first clean the violin or viola before placing it on the fingerboard of the neck so that it will adhere best.

Simply place it lined up down the neck and against the nut. This gives the musician a visual of their fingerboard so they can better understand things like whole steps and half steps and correct finger placement.

Don't Fret fret marker is available in these size choices:

Violin Viola
4/4 14"
3/4 13"
1/2 12"
1/4 11"

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