DR DDT Bass Guitar Strings

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DR DDT Bass Guitar Strings

The DR Drop-Down Tuning DDT is a set of top-notch bass guitar strings that stand out with thanks to exceptional stability and their ability to lock into just about every tuning. The drop-down tuning is one of their specialties, along with the ability to preserve intonation even when suddenly transposed into lower tuning. Overall, these are quite possibly the best bass strings for metal. If lower tuning and down tuned stuff is your thing, this set is one of the absolute best choices you can make. They are available in a total of four editions - Medium Gauges (45-65-85-105), Heavy Gauges (55-75-95-115), Extra Heavy Gauges (65-85-102-125), and the 5 String version (.055 - .135).

Medium gauges: 45-65-85-105
Heavy gauges: 55-75-95-115
Extra Heavy gauges: 65-85-102-125
5 String, .055 - .135

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