DR Handmade Tite Fit Nickel Plated Strings

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DR Handmade Tite Fit

The DR Handmade Tite Fit is a set of surprisingly affordable high-end strings renowned for their tone, long life, flexibility and versatility. The Handmade series is perfect for players from a vast array of musical genres, whether it's blues, rock, jazz, or heavy metal. The strings are crafted around a round core, delivering the high-level sonic quality thanks to the implementation of highest quality metal materials for the core wire and wrap wire. The strings are available in Light (.009 - .042) and Medium (.010 - .046) editions. If you require additional details or info regarding DR Strings in general, including this model, feel free to contact us online or come down to the store. Needless to say, you can buy these strings at the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store.

.009-.042 - Light
.010-.046 - Med.

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