Drum Set Warm Ups

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Drum Set Warm Ups 50449465

The Drum Set Warm Ups 50449465 is a top-quality guide packed with a set of essential warm ups every drummer should stick to. This Hal Leonard publication proves once and for all that warming up is an essential part of every musical process, especially when we're talking about drummers. So, instructor Rod Morgenstein wants you to step away from the practice pad and focus on his exclusive innovative method for warming up, specifically crafted to limber up your entire body. Included in the mix are exercises to improve your power, speed, coordination, control, accuracy, agility, endurance and independence.

What this book allows you is to gain a greater command and facility of the drum kit, as well as an increased feeling of confidence in your performance. It will not only improve you as a musician, but also decrease the chance of getting injured, which is something that should come first after all when it comes to performing. If you need additional info and details regarding this item, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us onilne.

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