Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking DVD

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Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking DVD 641546

The Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking DVD 641546 is your No. 1 learning tool if you want to learn how to master guitar fingerpicking in the most efficient manner. This Hal Leonard publication focuses on developing a string of techniques and exercises that will greatly improve your finger-picking, and overall develop a stronger sense of musicality. The DVD clocks in at a lengthy 100 minutes, and includes music samples, detailed explanations, notation and guitar tabs.

Going from the basic children song "Skip to My Lou," the video advances all the way to such intricate stuff as "Green Rocky Road," "Spike Driver's Blues Green," and many more. The DVD will not waste a moment of your time, and offer you all the juicy goods you need summed up in a single package, all while retaining a fair and affordable price tag. If you need additional info and details about this product, don't hesitate to contact us online or come down to the store.

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