Embossed Flaming Guitar T-Shirt Black and Silver

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Embossed Flaming Guitar T-Shirt Black and Silver

Embossed Flaming Guitar T-Shirt Black and Silver. Albert Elovitz and Aim Gifts company together with DC Music Store provides this shirt at a fantastic sale price. Check out this awesome black tee shirt withe silver flaming surrounding it. The quality is more than impressive and the look of it is certainly impressive. This t has a 3 dimenionsal embossing image on it that makes it pop .

So what now? You like the top but should you get it? At DC Music we guarantee you the lowest price, low or no cost shipping based on your order or location and we've teamed up with this manufacturer for almost two decades so it is made with quality that we can stand behind and has a great history in the musical supplies genre. So you're covered. Get it, wear it and loved it. You'll be the hot at the next concert or wherever you may roam.

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