Embossed Flaming Guitar T-Shirt Navy Blue and Light Blue

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Embossed Flaming Guitar T-Shirt Navy Blue

Embossed Flaming Guitar TShirt Navy Blue and Light Blue. Aim Gifts offers this terrific navy blue shirt with an awesome guitar on it bathed in flames. Albert Elovitz and DC Music Store offers you the widest selection of musical novelties like tee shirts, pins, ear rings, necklaces, key chains, stickers as well as all the accessories and instruments you need to make the music you love.

Look no further for a top that just right off with a six string that is torched. Who doesn't love guitars right? A conversation piece, or a statement it doesn't matter. The three dimension look to it makes the image pop. Be sure to check out our sale on all the other other usual gear we stock and save with the guaranteed lowest prices from an independently owned music supplier that values your business. Since 2998 we'be serving musicians just like you. Stop in and see us if your ever in Ohio but until then know you have a friend in the usic business who has your back and supports you in your love of all things musical.

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