Embossed Sax T-Shirt Black and Gold

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Embossed Sax T-Shirt Black and Gold

Embossed Sax T-Shirt Black and Gold by the company Aim Gifts and Albert Elovitz. DC Music Store had team with this wonderful company to offer an embossed T shirt that is black and has a gold embossed saxophone player on the front. Do you play the sax? The saxophonist is laying down some cool music on this tee. This musician sets this top off with a visual image that is very striking.

If you are a player or if this is a gift for your musucian or music lover be sure and check out some other fantastic items we have on sale now in most every department. Clothing, accessories, instruments, educational items and more await you at DC Music Store, your one stop music shop. choose from medium, large or XL extra large sizes in our drop down menu.

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