Evans EQ3 Batter Clear Bass Head

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Evans EQ3 Batter Clear Bass Head

The Evans EQ3 Batter Clear Bass Head is a high-end drum head that will deliver a massive bang to your sound. Evans has a rich history, and has garnered a reputation as one of top names of the skin-bashing realm. What we have here is a little something capable of securing an incredibly strong beat thanks to a smart mixture or quality features and a drop of magic.

The EQ3 Batter Clear Bass Head features a Power Center that adds an extra focus to your sound. On the technical side, the product features a coated, perforated, and center-reinforced structure that allows your overtones to freely ring when struck on the edges. Further on up the road, the product features a sleek finish, along with a blend warmth and well-defined articulation. At the end, you can check out the full list of EQ3 Batter Clear Bass Head features, specs and details by coming down to the store.

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