Evans Hydraulic Glass Drumhead

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Evans Hydraulic Glass Drumhead

The Evans Hydraulic Glass Drumhead is a top quality drum head manufactured in the factories of one of the most renowned manufacturers of drumming gear. The Hydraulic Glass Drumhead comes with finest components that secure a extended reliability and high durability. The product presents a very warm tone with defined attack, and very focused sustain.

In the rest of the mix, the product features a clear finish, along with a well-defined articulation and blend warmth. The item is reliable and comes with all of the company's quality control standards at a budget-friendly price. Finally, you can check out the full list of Evans Hydraulic Glass Drumhead features, specs and details in the rundown below.

Finish: Clear
Attack: Defined
Tone: Very Warm
Sustain: Very Focused
Feel: Firm
Durability: High

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