EZ Chord for Guitar

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EZ Chord for Guitar

Yes, this is the EZ Chord device you've seen on television that's been helping people play guitar in minutes over the last several decades. It's made in the goold old USA also! There is an included song book with twenty songs but you will be able to play many songs with this Easy Chord. It simly makes chords on a guitar EZ! Simply take one finger and easily plays guitar chords. It couldn't be easier! Now anyone can play guitar chords, strum and have fun with music.


The EZ Chord is a fantastic way for someone to play guitar without having to spend years in lessons, doing scale excersizes, learning to read music and all that. Now we certainly suggest that if you really want to play the guitar as a serious musician that you take the tiem and learn without the aid of any device such as this. But if your handicaped, struggling with arthritis or simply don't have the time to devote to becoming a musician than this "EZ Chord" is going to solve your problem. Spend 2 minutes installing it on your guitar and the rest of your life enjoying playing music.


Basically you press one button instead of having to finger the entire chord which generally consists of 3 to 4 fingers strectched in awkward positions. Using the EZ Chord you just press the one button and you have an instant chord. As the song continues and you need to change chords you simply move that one finger to a new spot and keep strumming away enjoying music. Almost anyone can now play music on the guitar simply in a matter of a few minutes. 20 songs including some of You are my sunshine, blues stay away from me, Be nobody's darling but mine, keep on the sunny side of life, oh Susanna, swing low sweet chariot, church in the wildwood, Li' Liza Jane etc.


Move the device up the neck to play in many other keys also! This is the answer to so many people who have always wanted to enjoy playing music on the guitar but just didn't have the time or physical ability. No need to let music pass you by. Order today and start playing songs right away. DC Music Store has sold these for many years off our web site and in our store. We've created a youtube video below which will help you see how easy it is to install and begin having fun. Check it out and let us know should you have any questions before or after purchasing yours.


For those of you wondering what each chord is, the #1 key is the 1 chord in a song, #2 is the 4 chord, #3 key is the 5 chord. So all your basic 1, 4, 5 chord progressions are played with just those 3 chords. The #4 key is a 2 major chord. Some songs will toss in that chord so you're covered there also. You are playing 4 major chords. There are no minor, 7th, diminished or extended chords, just the meat and potatoes, the basic chords used in many songs. So in the key of G, the chords available would be G C D and A. As you move this up and down the neck the key would obviously change. So in the key of A you would have A D E and B, in the key of C, C F G D and so on.


EZ Chord for Guitar Video Demos:

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