Famous Blues Clubs Shirt

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Famous blues Clubs T-Shirt

Famous Blues Clubs T-Shirt at DC Music Store. The Aim Gifts company teams up DC. Music Store and via Albert Elovitz mfg you get this cool t shirt that is black in color and on the front right reads "Famous Blues Clubs" and on the back of the shirt shows logos for these famous establishments. Blues musician's, lovers, guitarists and more love this look that is attractive and certainly an eye catcher.


We at DC Music offer a wide range of items for this genre. License plates, clothing, songbooks, technique books, and many other novelty items await you. A sea of instruments to make this wonderful music founded right here in the good old USA, The Unites States. This genre of music came out of the deep south in African American communities sometime in the late nineteenth century and has been cherished ever since by people from all over the world. Show your love for this fantastic music with this top and save with your friends at DC Music Store. ta,e your pick of sizes from medium, large, XL Extra Large and XXL Double Extra Large in our drop down menu.

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