Famous Rock Guitar Riffs and Solos DVD

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Famous rock guitar riffs and solos DVD 320233

The Famous rock guitar riffs and solos DVD 320233 is a nifty and concise collection of essential riffs and solos, consisting of detailed guides on how to play some of the most iconic guitar pieces of all time. This Hal Leonard publication dives deep into a variety of riffs and melodies that changed the music world as we know it, including such classics as Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water," Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Crossfire," "You Shook Me" by Led Zeppelin and many more. The DVD is packed with useful info only, and doesn't waste even a single moment of your time with fluff and filler content. 100 percent accurate tabs and notation are included, with the video clocking in at a total of 60 minutes. If additional details and info are needed, feel free to contact us online or come down to DC Music Store.

The list of tracks goes as follows: No Particular Place to Go (Chuck Berry) Crossroads (Cream) Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix) You Shook Me (Led Zeppelin) Iron Man (Black Sabbath) Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple) You Really Got Me (Van Halen) Crossfire (Stevie Ray Vaughan)

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