Fender American Vintage II '66 Jazzmaster Electric Guitar

Product image 1Fender American Vintage II '66 Jazzmaster Electric Guitar
Product image 2Fender American Vintage II '66 Jazzmaster Electric Guitar
Product image 3Fender American Vintage II '66 Jazzmaster Electric Guitar

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The Fender® American Vintage II series presents a remarkably accurate take on the revolutionary designs that altered the course of musical history. Built with period-accurate bodies, necks and hardware, premium finishes and meticulously voiced, year-specific pickups, each instrument captures the essence of authentic Fender craftsmanship and tone.

The Jazzmaster® was originally advertised as a guitar that contained "all the well-known Fender developments," where "every convenience is provided." Intended to provide a luxury playing experience and tempt jazz guitarists into playing solidbody electric guitars, this futuristic and comfort-contoured offset is about as far from a boxy archtop as can be imagined. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the guitar failed to catch on with the jazz crowd, but instead gained early acceptance with '60s surf, and later, indie-rock, alternative, and even country players.

The American Vintage II 1966 Jazzmaster features a comfortable "C" shape maple neck that plays like a dream with a 7.25" radius round-lam rosewood fingerboard and vintage tall frets. Characteristic of production in 1966, this guitar is offered with white neck binding, pearl blocks, single-line "Fender Deluxe" tuners and matching painted headstock (on custom colors only). The patented "floating" tremolo, adjustable bridge with threaded saddles and Pure Vintage '66 Jazzmaster pickups, wired to the signature rhythm and lead circuits, deliver classic tone and authentic Fender feel.

The instruments in the American Vintage II series are direct descendants of the original Fenders: designed for players with a fine appreciation for vintage Fender tone and feel and built with unmatched quality, down to the last screw. These are Fender electrics in their purest form: Fender American Vintage II, the stuff of legends.

  • Neck Material: The neck of the guitar is made from maple.
  • Neck Finish: The neck is finished with a Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer, which is a type of finish often used on vintage-style guitars.
  • Neck Shape: The neck has a "1966 'C'" shape, which describes the contour or profile of the neck. It's likely a reference to a vintage 1966 Fender Jazzmaster neck shape.
  • Neck Construction: The neck is attached to the body with a 4-bolt construction, which is a common method for securing the neck to the body of the guitar.
  • Fingerboard Radius: The fingerboard has a radius of 7.25 inches (184.1 mm). This radius measurement describes the curvature of the fingerboard, affecting the feel and playability of the guitar.
  • Fingerboard Material: The fingerboard is made of bound round-laminated rosewood. This is a common wood choice for fingerboards in guitars.
  • Position Inlays: The fingerboard features pearloid block inlays, which are decorative markers on the fingerboard to help players locate specific positions.
  • Side Dots: There are black side dots on the edge of the fingerboard, which serve as additional position markers for the player.
  • Number of Frets: The guitar has 21 frets on the fingerboard.
  • Truss Rod: The guitar has a vintage-style butt adjust truss rod, which is used to adjust the curvature of the neck to control the action and playability of the guitar.
  • Truss Rod Nut: The truss rod nut is also vintage-style and butt adjust, which means you can access and adjust the truss rod from the end of the neck.
  • String Nut: The nut of the guitar is made of bone, which is a traditional material used for nuts and can affect the tone and sustain of the instrument.
  • Nut Width: The nut width is 1.650 inches (42 mm), which refers to the width of the neck at the nut. This dimension can influence the spacing of the strings and the feel of the neck.
  • Nut Material: The nut material is also bone, which is known for its durability and tonal characteristics.
  • Body Material: The body of the guitar is made from alder. Alder is a common wood choice for electric guitar bodies and is known for its balanced tonal characteristics.

  • Body Finish: The body is finished with Nitrocellulose Lacquer. Nitrocellulose lacquer is a classic finish used on many vintage-style guitars. It's known for allowing the wood to breathe and age naturally, which can affect the guitar's tone and appearance over time.

  • Body Shape: The body shape is characteristic of a Jazzmaster guitar. Jazzmaster guitars typically have a distinctive offset body shape with a unique style.

  • Bridge: The bridge is a Pure Vintage Jazzmaster® bridge with threaded steel barrel saddles. This type of bridge design is common on Jazzmaster guitars.

  • Bridge Cover/Tailpiece: The guitar features a Pure Vintage Floating Tremolo with a Tremolo Lock Button and a Push-In Tremolo Arm. The tremolo system allows players to create pitch modulation and vibrato effects.

  • Bridge Mounting: The bridge is mounted in a floating configuration, which is typical for Jazzmaster-style guitars.

  • Pickguard: The pickguard is a 3-ply parchment pickguard, which is a common choice for Jazzmaster guitars.

  • Pickup Covers: The pickup covers are aged white in color, which is often found on vintage-style instruments.

  • Control Knobs: The control knobs are white "Witch Hat" style knobs, a classic design used on some Fender guitars.

  • Switch Tip: The switch tip is aged white to match the overall aesthetic.

  • Hardware Finish: The hardware is finished in nickel/chrome, providing a shiny and classic appearance.

  • Tuning Machines: The tuning machines are Pure Vintage Single Line "Fender Deluxe" tuners, which are designed for accurate tuning and stability.

  • String Trees: The guitar features butterfly-style string trees to help maintain proper string tension.

  • Strings: The guitar comes strung with Fender® USA 250R Nickel Plated Steel strings with gauges .010-.046.

  • Tremolo Arm: The tremolo arm is a pop-in vintage-style Jazzmaster® tremolo arm, used for controlling the tremolo system.

  • Neck Plate: The neck plate is a 4-bolt design with an "F" logo, and it's serialized. The neck plate is used for attaching the neck to the body of the guitar.

  • Strap Buttons: The strap buttons are vintage-style, providing attachment points for guitar straps

  • Bridge Pickup: The bridge pickup is a Pure Vintage '66 Single-Coil Jazzmaster® pickup. Single-coil pickups are known for their bright and clear tone.

  • Neck Pickup: The neck pickup is also a Pure Vintage '66 Single-Coil Jazzmaster® pickup, providing a classic single-coil sound.

  • Pickup Configuration: The guitar features a traditional dual-pickup configuration, with a single-coil pickup in the bridge position and another in the neck position.

  • Controls: The controls are divided into two circuits:

    • Lead Circuit Controls (Slide Switch Down):

      • Master Volume: This knob controls the overall volume of the guitar.
      • Master Tone: This knob adjusts the overall tone of the guitar.
    • Rhythm Circuit Controls (Slide Switch Up):

      • Two Thumbwheel Controls for Neck Pickup Volume and Tone: In the rhythm circuit, you have separate thumbwheel controls for adjusting the volume and tone of the neck pickup.
  • Switching: The guitar uses a 3-position toggle switch for selecting between different pickup configurations or tones.

  • Auxiliary Switching: There's a 2-position on/off slide switch for switching between the "Lead" and "Rhythm" circuits. This allows you to toggle between two different control setups, each with its own unique tone and functionality. The lead circuit is typically used for more standard playing, while the rhythm circuit may offer a mellower tone and distinct controls.


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