Fingerpicking country blues guitar 98503BCD

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Fingerpicking country blues guitar

The Fingerpicking country blues guitar is a high-quality tool for every musician aiming to delve into the realm of blues guitar. This Mel Bay publication covers a lot of ground, including guides on the hammer-on and pull-off, syncopated bass, finger-strengthening exercises, chromatic runs and hot licks, single-string runs, walking bass, blues vibrato, and more. It utilizes a total lenght of 32 pages. The release features Stefan Grossman to explain all the goods and keep you attentive and willing to learn.

Explanations are given in standard notation and guitar tab form, all of which are 100 percent certified and accurate. This way you will save time from conducting those endless internet searches and sifting through low quality content on the web, making your practice hours highly efficient and concise. If extra info and details are required, don't hesitate to drop us a line through the web, or simply come down to the store, we are always glad to be of service.

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