First Book Of Chords For Guitar

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First Book Of Chords For Guitar

The First Book Of Chords For Guitar is a perfect way to get introduced to the world of guitars, and one of the best beginner guides on how to learn guitar chords. This Hal Leonard publication features a set of easy to read and 100 percent accurate diagrams of some of the most commonly used guitar chords. Also included in the mix is additional info regarding chord progressions in general, as well as a few lines about tuning, bass notes, playing by ear, transposing, key, and how to use the capo and what it is in the first place.

Many guitar teachers prefer this book because it's very concise and dives right into the meaty stuff without confusing the student with info that's not necessary to cover from the start. It truly provides you with a full system to playing success. If additional info and details are required, don't hesitate to come down to the store or drop us a line through the web, we're always glad to help.

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