GHS M3050 Precision Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings

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GHS Flatwound Bass Strings

The GHS Flatwound Bass Strings is a set of smooth bass guitar strings perfect for achieving a light, warm, and fuzz-free tone. The Flat-wounds are ideal for fret-less basses and are widely used by players of the jazz realm. They eliminate a lot of the screeching sounds made when shifting positions during playing, while still retaining a strong tone that can cut through the mix. The strings utilize flat-wound stainless steel, a deep, quite percussive tone, and sport medium gauges (45, 65, 85, and 105).

The item comes with high-end components and clever engineering technologies such as the so-called cross-winding process. The price is very fair and affordable, making it ever so clear why is this one of the most popular packs of strings within its niche. GHS is one of the leading guitar string companies on the market, known for always leading the way, innovating while respecting the tradition. If you need any extra info on the Flatwounds, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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