Fog Machine Fantom Fogger FM770

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Fog Machine Fantom Fogger FM770 at DC Music. Thank you for your interest in the Fog Machine Fantom Fogger FM770. Fog Machine Fantom Fogger FM770. Fantom Fogger Fog Machine FM770 MBT. Don't be scared away by its small size! The Fantom Fogger has a big output for a small machine. Rugged plastic housing. Rated output: 2500 cubic feet per minute. Includes on/off remote on a 12 foot cable, 700W heater and 1 liter internal fluid tank. FM770 Add a timer remote or wireless remote by clicking the link below and choosing your option. MBT lighting is quality equipment that will improve your stage shows and your crowds will not only also enjoy the performance but know that you are a class act using quality equipment. View fog machine accessories by clicking here.

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