G Clef Briefcase Navy Blue

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G Clef Briefcase Navy Blue

G Clef Briefcase Navy Blue model number 9611. This briefcase is in navy blue color and has the G clef for music on it's side showing everyone that music is who you are and what you do. An Aim Gifts, Albert Elovitz design from your friends at DC Music Store. With this item you can store all kinds of cool stuff like sheet music, musical accessories and all your necessary items for on the go in this fantastic brief case. Your friends will admire it if course and it will be up Tomlin if you decide to share with them where you got it.

Item measures sixteen inches by twelve inches and is a quality nylon case with heavy corners and a waterproof design to protect your items. A three sided zipper with multiple compartments inside and dressed out with handles for ease of transportation. All of us musician's love musical novelty items and this is one that you can make great use of. Organize your belongings in style with this item.

You can find many interesting products within our store. We opened our music shop in 1998 and have been serving musican's since then striving for excellence in customer service and a wide selection of fantastic musical products. We carry a wide selection of hand picked musical instruments, accessories, software, lighting, sound equipment and more. Our desire is to provide you all of your musical equipment needs and make it very comfortable for your your shopping experience. Let us know how we can help serve you better And if there is anything we can domtomhelp you. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.

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