Get started on 5 string banjo

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Get started on 5 string banjo

The Get started on 5 string banjo is a high quality learning tool that will help you master the beginner concepts of playing a five-string banjo. This Hal Leonard publication features music instructor David Holt explaining a variety of concepts in great detail, with easy to follow explanations on those crucial newbie bits that are crucial in any player's journey. Remember that those first steps are always the most difficult part, and this book will help you overcome those tricky obstacles without much hassle.

Going from beginner stuff to more advanced concepts, the book features zero filler and fluff content, meaning it will save you many hours of performing those endless web searches and filtering out poor quality content on the web, all while maintaining a fair and affordable price tag. If additional info is needed, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us online.

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