Getting Started On Drums

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Getting Started On Drums DVD 320288

The Getting Started On Drums is a top-level instructional DVD that will answer all the questions you might have on how to play drums. This Hal Leonard publication is aimed towards beginner players and features drum instructor Tommy Igoe who brought his 25 years of playing and teaching experience to craft perhaps the ultimate drum lesson. The man will take you on a multi-part journey that will cover a variety of concepts in great detail, going from getting to know your drums and positioning them right, all the way to more advanced playing concepts introducing you to the intermediate stage.

The release clocks in at 140 minutes, and consists of two major parts - Setting Up and Start Playing - which are further dissected into smaller sub-parts. It's all meaty goods and tasty tidbits, meaning that not a minute of your time will be lost on filler content and fluff stuff. If you need additional info about this item, don't hesitate to contact us online or come down to the store.

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