Gobosync effect lighting unit ME2230-1

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Gobosync effect lighting unit ME2230-1 at DC Music. Thank you for your interest in the Gobosync effect lighting unit ME2230-1. This linkable light projects multiple images of 12 different gobo patterns. Images rotate clockwise/counterclockwise to the beat of the music. Up to 12 Gobosyncs can be linked together for masters/slave synchronized operation. Sound active with audio sensitivity control. Three pin XLR in and out connections for linking. Can be used with any standard DMX controller. Includes (1) ELC 24V/250W lamp. ME2230-1. Examples of the unit working. There are many other effects that it does. http://proaudiomusic.com/images/ME2230-1FX3.gif http://proaudiomusic.com/images/ME2230-1FX2.gif http://proaudiomusic.com/images/ME2230-1FX1.gif http://proaudiomusic.com/images/ME2230-1FX4.gif http://proaudiomusic.com/images/ME2230-1FX5.gif

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