Guitar chord poster 695767

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Guitar chord poster 695767

The Guitar chord poster 695767 is a learning tool that every aspiring, or even professional guitarist should have hanging on the wall at their home. Presented by Hal Leonard, this poster comes with a size of 22 x 34 inches, featuring 40 most commonly used guitar chords in full-color format. Actual photos of each of the chords are included in the mix, serving as a great visual aid that will greatly improve your learning speed. Just by frequently looking at these shapes, the chords tend to get into your head, and with just basic regular practice you'll be churning all the chords like a master.

All the chords presented on the poster are 100-percent accurate, saving you time from searching the web and sifting through all the poor quality content that's out there. If additional info and details about this item are needed, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us online.

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