Guitar Hanon Private lessons 695321

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Guitar Hanon Private lessons 695321

The Guitar Hanon Private lessons 695321 is a top quality release on how to learn to play guitar, crafted for a variety of players and genres. This Hal Leonard publication features MI faculty instructor Peter Deneff offering a rich set of 51 various exercises suitable for everyone from fresh beginners to seasoned pros. The book covers such grounds as major and minor scales, diatonic and chromatic scales dominant and half-diminished seventh arpeggios, diminished arpeggios, whole tones and much more.

This item is useful for players of many genres, going from pop players all the way to full-on heavy metal guitarists. The info is presented in a concise and effective manner, saving your time and maximizing your practice hours. If additional details and info regarding this product are needed, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us online.

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