Guitar Method Book 2 699020

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Guitar Method Book 2 699020

The Guitar Method Book 2 699020 is a top-quality learning tool covering a variety of answers on questions about how to play guitar. This Hal Leonard publication delves into the area of songs in the keys of C, D, Em, G, and F. Some of the grounds covered in the book includes advanced strumming, syncopation and dotted rhythms, solos, specific music styles such as bluegrass and blues rock, guitar solos, the most common 1st position chords, bass runs, and much more.

A neat selection of traditional songs is also included, with detailed explanations on how to play such all-time classics as 'Simple Gifts,' 'Mamma Don't,' 'Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms,' 'Joy Of Man's Desiring,' and many more. Additionally, the pages have been cross-referenced for learning supplements. Don't forget that you can also buy Guitar Method Book 1 and Guitar Method Book 3 for the full learning experience. If additional info and details regarding this product are required, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us online.

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