Hohner 364/24 Marine Band Harmonica

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Hohner 364/24 Marine Band Harmonica

The Hohner 364/24 Marine Band Harmonica is an instrument similar to the iconic 1896 10-hole Marine Band harmonica but packed with 12 holes for a broader and more expressive tone, vibe, and range. The 364/24 Marine Band mouth harp delivers the classic vintage Hohner sound and is available in the key of C, D, or G. The remaining features are very much standard - there's the strong, sturdy case crafted by the masters, this time around neatly decorated with red color finish for a healthy dose of classy vibe.

Additionally, the product comes with genuine brass plates, a plastic comb, as well as improved reed profiles to increase reed life by over 200 percent and a set of precision die punches to ensure that reed plates come with extraordinary air tightness. The aforementioned 1896 Marine Band harmonica is an instrument that shaped the sound of blues at its very start, and also found a way to the very core of folk, country, and even rock music, meaning that this product has some gib shoes to fill. The experts agree that such a demanding task was fulfilled, get your 364/24 today and see for yourself.


    • Classic vibe

    • Extended range

    • Choose key of C, D, or G

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