Hohner marine band harmonica 1896

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Hohner marine band harmonica

The Hohner Marine Band Harmonica is one of the company's most renowned products with very rich history a few other instruments, regardless of the type, can truly brag about. The Marine Band Harmonica was first heard way back in the year of 1896. It's recognizable sound brought the item great popularity and essentially helped shape the sound of blues, and that is by all records no mean feat. Throughout time, this Hohner harmonica found its way to the very core of 20th century culture in America, additionally shaping up the sound of country, rock and folk.

When it comes to technical specifications, this harp features 10 single holes, 20 reeds and an overall 4-inch length. The list of available keys includes A, B, Bb, C, Db (C#), D, E, Eb, F, F#, G, Ab (G#). This harp can be used by both beginners and pros and comes with an affordable price for just about anyone's pocket. The size is fairly standard, and the package is strong and sturdy, more than capable of withstanding the usual damage caused by transport and live gigs.

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