Hohner Rocket Harmonica

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Hohner Rocket Harmonica

The Hohner Rocket is a loud and comfortable harmonica made for the professional. The sheer volume of the Rocket and it's expressive tone will astound you. Hohner has designed this harp to be very responsive to the subtle playing characteristics of the player and they've given it a sleek design that is quite comfortable (made with players with facial hair in mind) for the harpist to use for extended periods of jamming. If you're looking for a step-up harp with pro features, comfortable sound and a sweet tone, step up to the Rocket today!

Hohner Rocket Harmonica Features:
Diatonic Harmonica
Consistent tone from plastic comb material
Extremely responsive and very loud
Won't catch on facial hair thanks to seamless design
Neoprene case allows moisture to evaporate while keeping out dust

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